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Shuangli participated in the 2019 3rd China Tongcheng (Xindu) Plastic Packaging Machinery Fair

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2019-10-19

The 2019 3rd China Tongcheng (Xindu) Plastic Packaging Machinery Fair was successfully held at the East China Plastics City Exhibition Center in Tongcheng (Xindu), Anhui on October 18. The film blowing unit manufacturer Shantou Shuangli Machinery Co., Ltd. is as usual, once again Participated in the 2019 3rd China Tongcheng (Xindu) Plastic Packaging Machinery Fair.

The organizers of this time are the Sichuan Plastic Flexible Packaging Professional Committee, the Sichuan Plastics Processing Association, the Sichuan Packaging and Decoration Printing Industry Association, the Chengdu Packaging Technology Association, the Southwest Renewable Resources Development Association, and the Sichuan Automation and Instrumentation Society, and the Chengdu Robot Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, etc.

The organizer of this event is the Xindu Town People’s Government and the Tongcheng Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the co-organizer is the Tongcheng Packaging and Printing Association, the organizer is Anhui Runzhicheng Trading Co., Ltd., and many local media and industry media such as Tongcheng TV Station The support of the company and the use of live broadcast attracted tens of thousands of people to participate online on the same day. Online and offline interactions showed the grand situation of the Tongcheng flexible packaging exhibition to the people of the whole country, which is another brand appearance of Xindu Town.

Anhui Tongcheng is one of the four major flexible packaging bases in China. It has nearly 10,000 plastic printing and packaging enterprises of various types. It has basically formed a dominance of plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging, and metal packaging. Supporting industrial chain. It can produce hundreds of varieties of plastic bags and plastic packaging products of various specifications of high, medium and low grades. The product sales network covers the whole country. Some products have been exported to Japan, Russia, Singapore and other international markets, and are deeply loved by consumers. Therefore, Xindu Town is also known as the "Hometown of Plastics".