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Zhongli film blowing machine manufacturer Shantou Zhongli Machinery tells you about the maintenance technology of film blowing machine

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-04-15

Zhongli Film Blowing Machine Manufacturer Shantou Zhongli Machinery Co., Ltd. always orders various blown film products for customers. Today, Shantou Zhongli Machinery tells you about the repair and maintenance technology of the film blowing machine, please read the following to share.

Usually before and after buying a film blowing machine, most people pay attention to the price and maintenance, and because they don’t pay attention to the maintenance problems of the film blowing machine, people often choose to classify it as a mechanical quality problem, not to mention the time it takes to replace parts. And money loss, just for the life of the film blowing machine, we should turn our attention to the daily maintenance of the film blowing machine.

1. Check that the temperature automatic control is intact, the heating appliances are intact, and whether the temperature at each point is within the range of the index.

2. Check whether the current, speed, temperature rise, accuracy, noise and mechanical transmission conditions of each running motor meet the standards. Check the oil level of the gearbox and mechanical lubrication.

3. Check the traction speed, film width, thickness control is accurate.

4. Observe the uniformity of the film thickness and whether the folding diameter meets the standard.

5. Observe the plasticization of the film, and find crystal spots, lumps, and water lines to deal with them in time.

6. Check whether the ratio and mixing of the controlled raw materials meet the standards.

7. Regularly correct the center point, levelness and parallelism of the mold, traction and guide rollers.

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