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Shuangli shares with you the method of PE film blowing machine to degrade plastic film

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2018-07-12

Shuangli shares with you the method of degrading plastic film by PE film blowing machine as follows:

The degradable PVA plastic of the PE film blowing machine can be used, but pure starch granules cannot be used. It must be mixed with PVA. You can add other plastics such as PE, and granulate first.

These two methods of plastic film degradation by PE film blowing machine have different characteristics due to the big difference in process flow. According to experts, the process flow of the solution casting method is relatively simple, but the product quality is not easy to control, the film output rate is low, the energy consumption is high, and the equipment investment is large; while the extrusion blown film method is more efficient in terms of product quality and production efficiency. The extension method has been significantly improved. However, experts also pointed out that the PVA in the extrusion blown film method must be modified. After pre-granulation, the process and the addition of auxiliary materials are increased. The resin and film must be heated repeatedly during the entire production process, and the film must be kept in the film. 15% to 35% moisture content, complex process, technical difficulty, high energy consumption; and film forming, stretching, and setting are performed at the same time, molecular chains are difficult to move, the degree of orientation is poor, and the strength of the resulting film is not high and insufficient Give play to the inherent characteristics of PVA resin.

The current status of PVA film technology The process methods for manufacturing PVA film at home and abroad, now mainly include solution salivation method (wet method) and extrusion blown film method (dry method). Both processes are born out of traditional plastic film production. Since PVA is a water-fillable substance, the film-making process conditions are different from those of thermoplastics. Therefore, the above two processes are directly applied to the production of PVA film. Low efficiency, high energy consumption, large floor space, high equipment investment, etc. Therefore, research and improvement of these two types of process technology and equipment to make them more suitable for PVA film production is the focus of research and development in the domestic and foreign industries.