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Master the working principle of PE film blowing machine to produce high-quality PE film

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-08-23

The PE film blowing machine is familiar to the majority of manufacturers and film manufacturers, but at the same time, many manufacturers know little about its working principle and film making technology. Many manufacturers always cannot master when they use the PE film blowing machine to make PE film. Technology, the blown film is unstable. It is clear that high-quality PE raw materials are used, but the blown PE film is always transparent, elastic, and uneven. These are all factors such as temperature, wind, and flow rate during the hand blowing process. Influence.

The PE film blowing process includes heating, traction, and winding processes, and the heating is divided into 5 zones. The first, second, and third zones are heating zones (preheating), and the temperature gradually rises, which is very important for temperature control. If the temperature is too low, it is not easy to discharge, and if the temperature is too high, it is easy to modify and transform. Take the 80 blown film machine as an example, the lower zone is about 170℃, and the latter two zones are higher. The fourth zone (three-way zone) is also used as a heating zone. There is mainly a filter screen that can filter and prevent impurities in the raw materials from entering the fifth zone. The transparency and smoothness of the blown PE film are determined by the filter screen. Larger meshes (smaller meshes) filter more finely and make the film smoother, but too small meshes will cause the retention of raw materials. The five-zone discharging zone is very important. The temperature and flow rate need to be strictly controlled. The suitability of the entire heating process should be controlled according to the discharging mouth. Too high or low will affect the formation of the film. The five zones are equipped with The blower accelerates the formation of the film, and the unevenness of the film thickness must be adjusted by the film head thread.

The accessory of the traction zone is an air pump, which is filled with air through the blowing hole of the film head, and the film is linearly upward, which is used to control the size of the film. Then go through the film stabilizer to "stabilize the film". The thickness of the film can be controlled by adjusting the host and traction speed (the faster the host speed, the faster the feeding speed, the thicker the film, and vice versa) This is the most important link.

By mastering the working principle of the PE film blowing machine, you can produce high-quality PE film.