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Industry knowledge

How to control the size, thickness and tension of plastic bags during the production process of the film blowing machine

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-01-22

In order to obtain quality controllable plastic bag products during the processing of the film blowing machine, it is necessary to control all processing links in place. Under normal circumstances, the processing process of the plastic film blowing machine is divided into feeding heating, traction, and controlled air compression. After adding air to the blowing hole of the film head, the air is added to the middle of the round film, and the film rises in a straight line. The size of the plastic bag is controlled by the amount of air blowing, and then the film stabilizer is used to stabilize the film. The thickness is controlled by the main engine and the traction speed. It can be understood that the faster the main engine speed, the faster the feeding speed, the thicker the film, and the opposite is true for the traction. The faster the pull, the thinner the film, which is the most important link. In order to achieve good horizontal and vertical tensile force of the blown film, it is necessary to achieve a certain ratio of blow up ratio BUR and traction ratio DDR. If the ratio is not adjusted, the transverse tension will be reduced. If the bubble is stable under the existing die head and folding diameter, then there is no problem with the BUR. If the bubble is unstable, the BUR is too large; DDR=die Orifice gap/(film thickness×BUR) To reduce the DDR, you need to reduce the die gap. Reducing the BUR will only make the DDR larger. If the film swings unstable when the film is blown, it means that the film head is too small. Use a fixing frame to stabilize the membrane.