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Industry knowledge

The main components of the film blowing machine

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-01-22

Extruder, die head, die head, cooling device, foam stabilizer, herringbone plate, traction roller, coiling device and other components are the main components of the film blowing machine.

1: Extruder, the extruder is mainly composed of screw, barrel, hopper, deceleration and drive motor. The drive motor adopts electromagnetic speed regulating motor (also can use frequency conversion ordinary motor film blowing machine to drive the reducer through the belt drive to make the screw in the machine The cylinder makes a rotating movement; the plastic particles in the hopper are heated by the outside and the molten plastic passes through three times

The filter is squeezed from the die orifice of the die

2: Tee, consisting of three parts: filter screen, filter plate and tee gland

3: Die head

4: Cooling device, composed of cooling air ring, air duct, blower, etc.

5: The electrical control part. Generally, the unit is equipped with a unit operation cabinet. The main button presses the main power supply and turns on the main motor switch. The main body and the tee can be controlled by the button switch, and the buttons of the mouth die are heated. The key part The two sets of coils adopt thermocouples for automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control. During the normal production process, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure the stable and reliable production process of the film blowing machine.

6: Traction, consisting of main components such as traction frame, herringbone, traction roller, winding mechanism and traction motor