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Huge room for development of plastic machinery and plastic products

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-01-23

The latest scientific and technological reports show that some mobile phone manufacturers recently demonstrated a new high-tech plastic screen that is as thin as paper and can be greatly bent. In addition to displaying images and text like traditional display screens, this new-tech plastic screen can also be greatly bent.

With the development of science and technology, the application scope of plastic products is getting wider and wider, and many high-tech plastic products that people could not imagine before have entered people's eyes with high profile. Under the current background of sustainable economy, the application of waste plastics, a recyclable and renewable raw material, is bound to become more and more widespread.

The behind-the-scenes hero of plastic machinery, which was born with the plastics industry, will also have more room for development. Huanxin Plastic Machinery is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of plastic auxiliary machinery, and plays a role in linking the past and the future in the plastic recycling chain. Huanxin Plastic Machinery Company's plastic dehydrator, plastic powdering machine, blender, high-speed mixer and other products have been widely used in plastic processing enterprises all over the country. I believe that with the development of new technology, the shadow brothers of plastic products and plastic machinery will create a broader world!