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Industry knowledge

The development trend of domestic plastic machinery

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-01-23

1. Breaking the original industry boundaries, plastic machinery services for various industries have become established and developed in depth, and then it may transition to guiding market consumption, but it must be noted that the guidance must be correct.

2. When conditions permit, through various methods, including joint ventures and cooperation, continue to learn from foreign advanced products and processes and equipment to develop my country's plastic machinery and improve the technical level.

3. The capacity of the domestic medium and low-end market will be squeezed smaller and smaller. Some companies will be divided and reorganized. Some companies will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and turn to diversified operations. Some companies will avoid vicious domestic competition and open up foreign markets.

4. Social professional collaboration will gradually mature. Some manufacturers will concentrate their efforts on growing their business in a certain local market.

5. Individual companies with foresight and strength have begun to increase investment in science and technology, accelerating the absorbing of high-quality management and scientific and technical personnel, in order to further develop and strive to compete with the world's powers.