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Industry knowledge

Precautions for the operation of film blowing machine

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-01-23

Precautions for the operation of film blowing machine:

1. If the equipment is not heated, the heating temperature and time are less than the specified requirements, do not start the extruder and rotating die, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

2. When unpacking the raw materials, check whether there are wet materials. Wet materials must not be mixed. They must be dried in a drying room before they can be used.

3. When cleaning the die head and the die mouth, only the copper piece can be used to clean the die mouth. Do not use a spatula or iron piece to scrape the die mouth, otherwise it will cause damage to the die mouth. The guide roller of the plastic film blowing machine, including the rubber roller and the winding roller, must not be cut with a blade, otherwise it will cause scratches on the guide roller.

4. The filter screen of the extruder and the corona treatment machine must be replaced and cleaned regularly. Generally, the filter screen must be replaced within 24 to 48 hours and the silicone roller of the corona treatment machine must be cleaned with alcohol.

5. The specifications of the filter: two-layer 80 mesh, one-layer 100 mesh three-layer filter.

6. The corona processor should not be turned on if the guide roller of the corona treatment machine does not move with the film. Once the film is cut off or shut down, the corona treatment machine should be turned off urgently to avoid the corona treatment machine from burning out.

7. Films without corona treatment or with a corona treatment of less than 38 dyne shall not be put into the finished product, otherwise it will cause a major accident of composite quality.