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Zhongli film blowing machine manufacturer Shantou Shuangli Machinery analyzes its related technical terms for you

编辑:Shantou Shuangli Machinery Factory  时间:2016-04-15

Shantou Shuangli Machinery Co., Ltd., a high-quality film blowing machine manufacturer, has advanced technology and excellent product performance. Today, Shantou Shuangli Machinery will analyze its related technical terms for you, please see below.

The blow-up ratio is one of the control points of the blown film production process. It refers to the ratio between the diameter of the film bubble after inflation and the diameter of the uninflated tube ring. The blow-up ratio is the transverse expansion multiple of the film. In fact, the film is stretched in the transverse direction. Stretching will have a certain degree of orientation effect on the plastic molecules, and the blow-up ratio will increase, thereby increasing the transverse strength of the film. However, the blow-up ratio should not be too large, otherwise it will easily cause the film bubble to become unstable and the film will be prone to wrinkles. Therefore, the inflation ratio should be properly matched with the traction ratio. The traction ratio refers to the ratio between the traction speed of the film and the extrusion speed of the tube ring. The traction ratio is the longitudinal stretching multiple, which makes the film have a directional effect in the drawing direction. If the traction ratio increases, the longitudinal strength will also increase, and the thickness of the film will become thinner. However, if the traction ratio is too large, the thickness of the film will be difficult to control, and the film may even be broken, causing film breakage.

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